Are you an importer or Exporter who deals in international shipping? If yes, I believe that you probably experienced the hassle it can be to sort out all the necessary paperwork and requirement to clear your goods with Royal Malaysian Custom Department? Naturally, the importer is responsible for knowing the custom’s regulations as well as ensuring their shipments comply with Royal Malaysian Custom Department’s rules and regulations. However, even the smallest error could become a mistake that leads to a heavy penalty or Debilitating hold. Failure of providing necessary documents on time for clearance will resulted late clearance and additional charges (Eg: port storage / demurrage charges) will incur for failure of clearing the goods within given free time.

Hence, Instead of spending time sorting out all the necessary paperwork and requirement, wouldn’t it be better to spend your time focusing on other aspects of your business and pass this tedious work to experienced forwarding agent ?

In Malaysia, each individual exporter and importer can appoint 3 forwarding agents to clear the goods on behalf of them in each states. This means if you have more than 3 forwarding agents in one particular state, you may need to cancel one of the existing forwarding agent, then only you can appoint a new forwarding agent. However, if your company has volume transaction, you may write to Royal Malaysian Custom Department for appointment of 4th or 5th Forwarding agent, however, this is subject to the final approval of Royal Malaysian Custom Department.

Generally, an exporter or importer can only appoint maximum 3 forwarding agents .Hence appointing right forwarding agent is CRUCIAL as an experience custom broker can help to ensure you don’t’ make any mistakes so your goods can clear customs quickly and easily!

Well what does a customs broker actually do?

A custom broker is licensed by the Royal Malaysian Custom Department to handle shipping transactions on behalf of importers and exporter like you.

They help to check out the percentage of duty / tax need to be paid before shipment arrangement so that you can check your costing prior of importing.

They also help to check if any permit required for importing that particular product to Malaysia or exporting out from Malaysia. Aside from this, they will also take on the burden on filling out paperwork and meeting all custom’s requirement. Furthermore, they will assist you to clear the goods within given free time and in case if there’s any consignment been hold by Royal Malaysian Custom Department, they will assist exporter or importer to attend the examination session and to liaise with Custom Officers for all the documents required so that you need not go to custom office daily to get the issues resolved.

That’s how Solid Xpress (M) Sdn Bhd comes in ..

We have our own certified in-house custom brokerage assisting importers (both big and small) across the world with reviewing the accuracy of documents and ensuring that they are in full compliance before submitting an entry to the a Royal Malaysian Custom Department.

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