What is air freight?
What exactly is air freight, to begin with? Generally speaking, air freight, often known as air cargo, is a service that is used to transport commodities or products over international borders. Air transport is one of the most efficient and quickest modes of transporting products across international borders. In other words, it flies around the globe in the same manner as a commercial aircraft, but it exclusively transports goods.
To be more specific, freight carries the meaning of cost. As a result, the term “air freight” refers to the expense of air transportation for the products. Similar to how commercial aircraft charge passengers for the privilege of flying, cargo aeroplanes charge a fee for the privilege of having your products transported across the world. As a result, the term “air freight” refers to the costs associated with air transportation.

Why air tansportation is mostly needed for shipment?
Air transportation is used for goods delivery 90% of the time, and it has been shown to be both quicker and more efficient. Air transportation takes an average of 2-3 days from China to the United States, while ocean freight takes 30 days to reach its destination.

The cost of air freight services globally
The cost of air transportation varies depending on the company (DHL, UPS, FEDEX), but the average price per kilogramme is 4 $and is dependent on the kind of goods you are shipping and where you are shipping them. However, as a result of the most recent pandemic, COVID-19, the cost of the service has increased to an average of 6 dollars per kilogramme owing to the high demand, but only a limited number of staff members are available to work each day.
An air transportation fee comprises the cost of fuel, security fees, handling fees, airport transfers, custom clearance, insurance and the cost of picking up and delivering the goods. As a result, air transportation is more expensive than other modes of transportation.

Advantages of air freight over other cargoes for shipment purposes
But why should air transportation be utilised in the first place? When it comes to using an air freight service, there are three primary reasons to do so. Speed: As previously mentioned, air freight has proved to be the most efficient mode of international shipment delivery. It has been shown to be 30 times quicker than an ocean freight service. It’s for this reason why customers always choose air transportation despite the high expense of it. The second point to mention is dependability. Consumers want their products to be delivered quickly, which is why all air freight firms have been concentrating on the growth of air freight in order to make it more dependable for customers. They have implemented a more advanced technology system that lowers the risk of parcel loss and makes it easier for both the client and the business to monitor the package. Last but not least, air freight is often considered to be more secure than ocean freight, particularly when it comes to fragile goods. The goods sent by ocean freight have been found to have been damaged as a result of an unexpectedly large ocean wave, which caused the parcels to fall and sustain damage. Air freight, on the other hand, is intended to do minimal harm to the products, similar to how a commercial aircraft is meant to drop off its passengers in a safe manner.